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Ufindable brings 20+ years of expert knowledge in the digital space, helping businesses win.

Helping high-growth  businesses win since 2010

About Ufindable - Marketing Consulting Agency

We help businesses win.

When businesses fail to provide true value and real results, we come in.

We are here to make sure businesses win, period. We focus on results and where we can truly add value. We’re experts in what we do and possess the expertise to help your business succeed.

Let’s build something together.

Our Core Values


We ask a lot of questions because we deeply care. We're curious about any industry and our team is willing to go above and beyond to find the answers so businesses can grow and thrive.


We truly love what we do every single day. We are experts for a reason. We love meeting new clients, getting to know their businesses and what moves them. It's in our DNA.


We don't cut corners. Our team faces new challenges everyday and for us, it's important to be our true selves. It's the only way to continuously grow and give our clients trust in what we do.


We've been helping businesses win for more than two decades. This is dedication to adding value and real results behind our promises. We're dedicated to find solutions to your business.


Our team is always looking for new ways to improve the quality of what we do in order to bring our clients more value and generating more results. It's about having the initiative to see our clients happy.


We never make any promises we can't keep, it's in what we do everyday. If things can't change, we'll find out why. If things can improve, you can bet we'll be right on top of it. It's how we all win.

What We Do

Ufindable offers a wide range of services to help businesses win.

Lead Generation

We build an action plan to help businesses dominate their industry and produce much more emails and calls on demand.

1-on-1 Coaching

We work with business owners to help their brand positioning, business strategies and media planning for continuous growth.

Photography & Video

Our team can deliver high quality imagery and film to a wide range of industries such as realtors, lawyers, coaches, banks and more.

Content Writing

Our team of content writers can work with any industry to produce niche related pages and articles to help them be more relevant.

On Page & Off Page SEO

We optimize our client's website pages to help attract potential clients and help them rank higher on all search engine results.

Web Design & Development

No matter the industry, service or product, our team specializes in creating amazing websites ready to attract potential clients.

Branding Development

We help businesses find their identity and work with them to create a brand that is catchy and that attracts potential clients.

Reputation Management

Great reputation is crucial and without it businesses cannot thrive. We give businesses tools and the right mindset to help them grow.

Meet Our Team

Industry leaders and experts to help businesses win.

Wendell Fernandes - Ufindable

Wendell Fernandes

President & CEO

Seth Evans - Ufindable

Seth Evans

SEO Manager

Nate Laing - Ufindable

Nate Laing

Business Manager

Thayer McClelland - Ufindable

Thayer McClelland

Fulfillment Manager

Kolton Rice Ufindable

Kolton Rice

Digital Media Specialist

Ren Duning Ufindable

Ren Duning

Senior Web Developer

Julia Booker Ufindable

Julia Vernot Booker

Social Media Specialist

Joe Wirth Ufindable

Joe Wirth

Senior Content Writer

Marina Llera Ufindable

Marina Llera

Senior Web Designer

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