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We’re a full-service agency with expert knowledge in brand positioning, digital marketing strategies, product design, development, social media and more.

Consulting contract starts at $3,500/month for 3 months.
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Brands our consultants have worked with:

Ready, Set, Launch!

Working together with brands to prepare and launch great experiences.

Get your product marketing off the ground quickly with a part-time freelancer backed by Ufindable.

Think of us as your go-to peer to take the heavy lifting and give you hands-on support on research, user flows, design deliverables and more.

Ufindable Marketing Consulting
Ufindable Consulting Process

One Team, One Goal.

Ufindable has worked with many brands and industries, so you are in good hands..

✔️ Technology 
✔️ Health Care
✔️ Payroll & Financing
✔️ Investment Banks
✔️ Local Services
✔️ Brick & Mortar 
✔️ and More!

How We Do It

Top Consulting

We've helped hundreds of businesses from a variety of different industries. You'd be working closely with experts to deliver the best experience.

Flexible Pricing

We work based on your current need, 5-10 hours per week or more. There is a 3-month commitment to start, then we revise and renew it monthly.

On-going Support

We're here to make the engagement great for everyone. Even after project is completed, we continue to provide support as project scales, or as needed.

What We Can Provide

Hire a marketing expert to help your business win faster.

Ufindable Product Positioning

Product Positioning & Messaging

Develop a Positioning & Messaging Guide to get specific on who you sell to, identify how you’re different, and communicate your unique value in the market.
Ufindable Feature Launches

Product & Feature Launches

Decide which tactics to use for launch, write the announcement campaign messaging, landing pages, brochures, banners and any other medium needed.
Ufindable Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Decks & Branded 2 Pagers

Create content for a sales pitch deck and other sales enablement assets based on your platform story, industries, or customer segments to close more deals.

Writing Customer Stories

Interview customers about their experience with your product and write compelling customer case studies for co-marketing, building trust, and driving revenue.
Ufindable Web Pages

Website & Landing Page Content

Copywriting for the website, especially product and solution pages, that inform prospects about your product and convert them to signups.

A Whole Lot More Services

Product marketing consultants can support you with market analysis, product blog posts, help center articles, design, onboarding campaigns, flows and more.

Flexible Pricing & Scope of Work

Choose a rate and hours that suits your needs and that you’d like to work with us.

3-month minimum contract length. Monthly hours calculated based on 4.33 weeks in a month.


Let's Work Together
$ 3500 Monthly
  • Overhaul Positioning & Messaging
  • Logo Creation & Usage
  • User Style Guide
  • Mobile or Desktop User Flows
  • Product Design Cycles
  • Website Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Set Product Launch Plan
  • Social Media Consulting

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